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Q: Does it produce steam? Wondering if it can be used for steam inhalation.

A:I heats up very quickly you’ll steam for only seconds, literally!

Q: Does this make a sound when it is done, like a beep?

A:Nope! No beep. It is kind of noisy as it heats up and gets steaming–you will definitely hear the water boiling. When it’s done heating, the switch will automatically shut itself off and all you will hear is a very small click. Then the sound of the madly boiling water will quiet down.

Q: Is the outside of the kettle hot to touch?

A:Yes, it is hot if the water is hot inside.

Q: How is the spout, is the pour messy?

A:I’ve never had a problem. The max fill line is about halfway up the pot so you get pretty good accuracy when pouring at max or below capacity. I’m sure it would get messy if you filled the pot to the brim.